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  • 4th Avenue to Metropolitan Tower, NYC 

    Herman (unknown), Leonora
    Street scene of 4th Avenue, New York City.
  • 7/8 Moon 

    Nesbitt (American Painter 1933-1993), Lowell (1969)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Art, Lithograph. Materials and Techniques: Lithograph on Paper. Style, Period, Movement: n/a. Physical Description: 18/98. Signed on Face. Artist Biography: Lowell Nesbitt was ...
  • Abraham de Peyster 

    Bissell (American 1839-1920), George Edwin
    Statue of Abraham de Peyster, seated.
  • Abraham Lincoln 

    Print of Abraham Lincoln seated, holding a book.
  • Acrobats Playing 

    Gross (American 1904-1991), Chaim
    Brown figures perform acrobatic maneuvers.
  • American Bison or Buffalo 

    Audubon (French 1785-1851), John J. (2009-08-18)
    Lithograph on Paper. Inscriptions: Upper Left: No. 12. Upper Right: Plate LVII. Lower Left: Drawn from Nature by J.J. Audubon F.R.S.F.L.S. Lower Middle: BOS AMERICANUS, GMEL. AMERICAN BISON OR BUFFALO. Natural Size 1. ...
  • American Elk-Wapiti Deer 

    Audubon (French 1785-1851), John J. (2009-08-18)
    Lithograph on Paper. Inscriptions:Upper Left: No. 13. Upper Right: PLATE LXII. Lower Left :Drawn from Nature by J.J. Audubon F.R.S.F.L.S. Lower Middle: CERVUS CANDENSIS, RAY. AMERICAN ELK- WAPITI DEER 1/7 Natural Size ...
  • Anne Emlen Franklin 

    Sully (American 1783-1872), Thomas
    Portrait of Anne Emlen Franklin in a white dress. Three quarter view.
  • Annie Lewis Wiley 

    Wright (unknown), Marion Lois
    Portrait of Annie Wiley, three quarters length, facing outwards.
  • Autumn Landscape 

    Murphy (American Painter 1853-1921, John Francis (2009-11-19)
    oil painting of landscape.
  • B.F. Fackenthal Jr. 

    Wiley, Irving T. (2009-10-08)
  • B.F. Fackenthal, jr. 

    Wiles, Irving A. (2009-12-01)
    Oil Painting of B.F. Fackenthal, Jr, Franklin and Marshall Trustee.
  • B.F. Facthenthal, Jr. 

    Unknown (2010-01-26)
    Bas Relief Plague. On face: "Philanthropir, Fidelity, Maximum." On verso: "F J H" carved on wood.
  • Back of Wes 

    Weiss (unknown), Cindy
    Landscape of an orange field with trees, with mountains in the background.
  • Backyard 

    Lindenmuth (American 1885-1976), Tod
    Woodblock print of backyard.
  • Beisa Oryz: Cow Has Longer Horn 

    Ripple (unknown), Paul H.
    Pen, ink, and watercolor showing Beisa Oryz grazing on a steppe.
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Cochin (Artist) and Ritchie (Scottish Engraver b. 1822), C.N. and Alexander Hay (2009-11-19)
    Reproduction Print of Engraving Style, Period, Movement: Physical Description:On face of print: "Drawn by C.N. Cochin 1777 Engnulld by A.H. Ritchie. Facsimile of Franklinnulls signature on face of print.
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Martin (Scottish Painter 1737-1797), David; Welch (Engraver), T.B. (2010)
    Engraving after painting by David Martin, of Benjamin Franklin during his visit to England c. 1776 to lobby for repeal of The Stamp Act.
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Peale (American Painter 1741-1827) and Rosenthal American Engraver 1863-1939), Charles Wilson and Albert (2009-12-01)
    Physical Description:On the face of the print: "C.W. Peale. Albert Rosenthal, Sc.BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Aet-84 From the original painting in the possession of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Exhibition History: Collection ...
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Unknown (2009-12-01)
    Physical Description:On face of print: "From a French Painting. Dick, sc. New York, Harpers & Brothers. Also on front in a facsimile of Franklinnulls handwriting: I am Yours. B Franklin