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Recent Submissions

  • Moulon Rouge 

    Herblot (unknown)
    Watercolor of a Paris street scene, featuring the Moulon Rouge and Blanche Metro Station.
  • Pesach 

    Gross (American 1904-1991), Chaim
    Lithograph of a family celebrating Pesach, the Jewish Passover. Hebrew symbols are integrated into the scene.
  • Gloucester Shipwreck 

    Farnham (unknown), Alex
    Painting showing the shipwreck of a small sailboat. In the foreground, a man pulls a red boat to shore while a second figure observes the sinking ship.
  • New Iron 

    Gaertner (b. 1882), Fritz
    Etching of a man replacing a horsenulls horseshoe in front of a pair of farm buildings while two other men look on.
  • Lourdes 

    Herblot (unknown)
    Watercolor view of the city of Lourdes, with the Rosary Basilica framed against the Pyrenean Mountains.
  • F&M Class of 1912 

    Photograph of the Franklin and Marshall Class of 1912, dressed in their graduation robes.
  • Bullfighter Series (49/150) 

    Dali (Spanish 1904-1989), Salvador
    Print from Salvadore Dalinulls Bullfighter Series, showing the silhouettes of bullfighters and a bull accented with yellow and orange.
  • Generation Gap 

    Liljedren (unknown), Frank
    Oil painting of three small toy-like figures, one seated on a rock, another on a brick.
  • Back of Wes 

    Weiss (unknown), Cindy
    Landscape of an orange field with trees, with mountains in the background.
  • Walter Franklin 

    Balthazar (unknown), Charles; Saint-Mémin (French 1770-1852), Charles Balthazar Julien Fevret de
    Oval portrait of Water Franklin
  • Water Tower, Buchanan Park, Lancaster 

    Schopf (d. 1951), Harry F.
    Scene showing the red-roofed water tower in Buchannan Park, with Old Maine and other buildings of Franklin and Marshallnulls campus in the background.
  • Theodore Distler 

    Gates (unknown), John (1)
    Portrait of Theodore August Distler, College President of Franklin and Marshall College (1941-1954) with his hands resting on an open book.
  • In the Snow 

    Deryken (unknown), Van
    Scene of a red-brick building covered in snow.
  • Portrait of Serena Mayer 

    Eichholtz (American 1776-1842), Jacob
    Portrait of Serena Mayer, dressed in her white wedding dress and wearing a crown of flowers.
  • Portrait of Hugh M. North, Sr. 

    Breckenridge (American 1870-1937), Hugh Henry
    Portrait of Hugh McAlister North Sr. (1826-1907), dressed in a suit and bow-tie.
  • Col. George Mayer 

    Eichholtz (American 1776-1842), Jacob
    An oval portrait of Col. George Mayer in profile.
  • Residence of George Ross and George Ross House with Arched Spring 

    Side to side engravings of the George Ross House.
  • View on the Conestoga (near Lancaster) 

    Jones (Unknown), E
    Aerial view of the Conestoga River near Lancaster, featuring a tall, spindly tree and an arched bridge.
  • Figures in a Landscape 

    Breckenridge (American 1870-1937), Hugh Henry
    Landscape of figures in a yellow field.
  • W. King St., Lancaster, Pa (about 1845) 

    Etching of W. King Street (ca. 1845) showing residential buildings on a winding street and a church and steeple.

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