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  • Sheet-tin Dog Weather Vane 

    Anonymous (1)
    Weather vane, sheet tin in the shape of a running dog.
  • Mrs. John W. (Martha Jenkins) Nevin 

    Eichholtz, Jacob (American, 1776-1842) (1)
    Painting, Oil on canvas, Gift of Rev. John Nevin Sayre
  • Butter Prints and Butter Paddle 

    Anonymous (1)
    Five butter prints of assorted design, Carved wood. One butter paddle, Wood.
  • Standing Man with Top Hat 

    Mantel, Jacob (1)
    Painting, Watercolor on paper
  • Carved Model of Man Plowing 

    Wolfskill, George D. (1)
    Three-dimensional model of a man plowing, carved and polychromed. Pennsylvania. From the Schaeffer Collection.
  • Polychromed Bird Carvings 

    Anonymous (1)
    Bird carvings (eight), polychromed. Probably Berks County, Pennsylvania. From the Schaeffer Collection.
  • Spinning Wheel 

    Kline, D.B. (1)
    Spinning wheel, Oak and maple. Pennsylvania.
  • Swift 

    Anonymous (1)
    Swift, Pine and hickory. Pennsylvania.
  • Carved Wood Cane 

    Simmons, Schtockschnitzler "The Cane Carver" (active 1885-1910) (1)
    Cane, Carved wood, in the shape of a bird
  • Painted Tinware Document Boxes 

    Anonymous (1)
    Document boxes (two), Painted tinware. Items show stylized leaf and fruit/vegetable motifs. Pennsylvania. From the Schaeffer Collection.
  • Lehnware Cups, Lancaster County 

    Lehn, Joseph John (American, 1798-1832) (1)
    Lehnware saffron cup and two open cups, Carved woodenware with painted floral motifs
  • Corner Cupboard 

    Anonymous (1)
    Two-piece corner cupboard displaying Gaudy Dutch ceramics
  • Stiegel-type Glass 

    Anonymous (1)
    Stiegel-type glass
  • Hackle 

    Anonymous (1)
    Hackle with punch decoration of tulips. Pennsylvania.
  • Band Box 

    Anonymous (1)
    Band box depicting home of glass maker Henry W. Stiegel (1729-1785), Manheim, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; and Manheimnulls hand-drawn, hand-operated fire engine
  • Painted Bridenulls Box 

    Anonymous (1)
    Painted bridenulls box; European in origin, Pennsylvania German by adoption. Scene depicts bride and groom, and stylized pineapple/flower motifs.
  • Scherenschnitte, "Chased by a Bull" 

    Anonymous (1)
    Scherenschnitte, "Chased by a Bull"
  • Export Spatterware Tea Cup 

    Anonymous (1)
    Export spatterware tea cup with fish motif
  • Show Towel 

    Anonymous (1)
    Show towel, Cotton on linen
  • Needlework 

    Anonymous (1)
    Needlework, Cloth, depicting man, woman, and dog in landscape. Based on the story of Palemon and Lavinia as depicted in James Thomsonnulls Autumn.