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  • Impact 70 

    Rist (French 1922-1980), Alix
    Paper collage with cool-toned cut-outs against a turquoise background.
  • The Kingnulls Engagement 

    des Raux (French 1902-1946), Louis Marchand
    Painting features two forward-facing crowned figures. They gesture to each other; the male figure holds a vase with a turquoise flower in it.
  • Man at Stairway 

    Bajen (unknown), F.
    Painting shows a staircase gripped in the bottom left by a red hand.
  • Montague 

    Tanaka (Japanese, b. 1908, Shu
    Abstract painting in blues, browns, and grays.
  • The Sermon 

    des Raux (French 1902-1946), Louis Marchand (1111)
    Painting depicts a priest giving a service to a group of brightly-dressed individuals before a bright, candle-lit altar.
  • The Sheep Thief 

    Tobiasse (French b. 1927), Théo
    The painting shows the stylized figure of a man stealing a sheep beside a geometric monster-like figure.