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  • La Composition 

    Ubede (Spanish b. 1925), Augustin (2009-08-17)
  • La Forme et Lnullimage 

    Grandjean (French 20th century), Raymond
    Abstract design consisting of linear strips of color with smaller, circular elements down the center of the canvas. The letters "M" and "H" float in the bottom strip of white.
  • La Veranda 

    Brion, Sarah (2009-08-17)
    Abstract oil painting.
  • Lake Hopatcong 

    Ochs (unknown), Nancy
    Scene showing three buildings in the woods.
  • Landform 

    Christ-Janer, Albert(American, 1910-1973) (2009-12-01)
    Abstract painting of water landscape
  • Landscape with Boats 

    Volang (Vietnamese French 1921-2005), Jeab (2009-08-17)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Art, Painting Materials and Techniques: Oil on Canvas Style, Period, Movement: Physical Description: Exhibition History: Collection or Donor:
  • Landscape with Cows and Building 

    Peart (unknown)
    Landscape of cows wading in a river, set against a backdrop of lush land and stone buildings.
  • Landscape with Figure on Bridge 

    Peart (American 1870-1963), Caroline
    Landscape showing a figure crossing an arched bridge.
  • Landscape with Green 

    Gerardia (Russian-American 1903-1988), Helen (1972)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Art, Print. Materials and Techniques: Colour Lithograph on Paper. Physical Description: Signed on Front " Landscape with Green, Artistnulls Proof, Helen Gerardia. "Helen Gerardia has ...
  • Large Crater 

    Nesbitt (American Painter 1933-1993, Lowell (1969)
    Classification: Art, Communication Artifact, Lithograph. Materials and Techniques: Lithograph on Paper. Style, Period, Movement: Physical Description: 20/98. Signed on face. Exhibition History: n/a. Collection or ...
  • Le Bouquet de Tulips 

    Sanh (2009-09-15)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Art, Painting Materials and Techniques:Oil on canvas Style, Period, Movement: Physical Description: Exhibition History: Collection or Donor:Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Samul S. Silverman.
  • Le Subit Deplacement Du Centre Du Gravitie 

    Duncan (1920-?)
    Abstract painting dominiated by swirls of colour and an emphasis on texture.
  • Lehnware Cups, Lancaster County 

    Lehn, Joseph John (American, 1798-1832) (1)
    Lehnware saffron cup and two open cups, Carved woodenware with painted floral motifs
  • Les Figures 

    Max (French 1911-1994) (2009-08-17)
    Oil painting of abstract still life.
  • Les Visages 

    Rouault (French 1871-1958), Georges (1932)
    Wood engraving in grey.
  • Lime Kiln 

    Mattern (American painter 1891-1946), Walter I. (2009-10-06)
    Oil painting of Lime Kiln
  • Lincoln Profile 

    Giumeth (?) (unknown)
    Profile of Abraham Lincoln
  • Little Girl in Oval Frame 

    Campbell (unknown), Julia W. Lewis
    Portrait of a young girl in an oval frame.
  • Lloyd Mifflin 

    Kirkpatrick (American 1853-1917), Frank LeBrun
    Full-length portrait of Lloyd Mifflin, dressed in the robes of the University of Pennsylvania and holding a book.
  • LnullEnsommeille 

    Eppele (active 1970), Gerard
    Painting of a figure, in three quarters length, leaning on his elbows with his head in his hand.