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  • Calla Lilies 

    Demuth (American 1883-1935), Charles (2009-08-19)
    Reproduction Print of Water Color
  • Camp De Kalb, Pottsville, Pa 

    Huddy (unknown), W.M.
    Scene showing the tents and soldiers in Camp De Kalb, Pottsville.
  • Campus Montage 

    Poulterer (Unknown), Constance Lepley
    Montage of various Franklin and Marshall College Buildings
  • Campus Vignettes--18 

    18 Vignettes of Franklin and Marshall College campus.
  • Canada Scene 

    Herman (unknown), Leonora
    Canadian landscape depicting a cabin and forest.
  • The Capture of Major Andre 

    Unknown, after Asher B. Durand (2009-10-08)
    Painting of the surrender of British Major John Andre during the American Revolutionary War.
  • Caroline Stoner Breneman (b. 1823-d.?) 

    Peart (American 1870-1963) Caroline (1863)
    Painting of Caroline Stoner Breneman, born November 1, 1823. Dressed in black.
  • Carolyn Brenneman Bockius 

    Peart (American 1870-1963), Caroline
    Three-quarters portrait of a women dressed in a white blouse wearing a red and black hat.
  • Carolyn Brenneman Bockius 

    Peart (American 1870-1963), Caroline
    A three-quarters portrait showing a young woman dressed in black.
  • Carrienulls Crazy Quilt 

    Schaeffer, Carrie (American) (1940)
    Classification: Furnishing, Bedding, Quilt. Materials and Techniques: Rayon and velvet; pieced, embroidered and quilted. Physical Description: This crazy quilt is composed of sixteen blocks made with rayon, velvet prints ...
  • Carved Model of Man Plowing 

    Wolfskill, George D. (1)
    Three-dimensional model of a man plowing, carved and polychromed. Pennsylvania. From the Schaeffer Collection.
  • Carved Wood Cane 

    Simmons, Schtockschnitzler "The Cane Carver" (active 1885-1910) (1)
    Cane, Carved wood, in the shape of a bird
  • Cerro Gordo, Puerto Rico 

    Herman (unknown), Leonora
    Landscape of palm trees on the beach at Cerro Gordo, Puerto Rico.
  • Chair 

    Unknown (African, Baule, Ivory Coast) (2009-07-10)
    Classification: Building Furnishings, Furniture, Chair Exhibition History: North Museum, "African Domestic and Ritual Arts" November 20-December 30, 1982.
  • Charles W. Mayser 

    Burstein (unknown), Leo
    Three-quarters length portrait of Charles W. Mayser. In the background, a small statuette of a discus-thrower stands on a desk and a picture of wrestlers hangs above.
  • Child Riding Tricyle 

    Unknown (2010)
    Drawing of child riding tricycle
  • Chiques Creek and the Susquehanna 

    Figylmessy (unknown), Eliza Haldeman
    Landscape depicting the Susquehanna River.
  • Christ on the Cross 

    Jones (Unknown), William
    Painting of a crucified Jesus, with a skull and keys below the cross.
  • Circles with Radiating Rays 

    Unknown (American) (1920)
    Classification: Building Furnishings, Bedding, Quilt. Materials and Techniques: Pieced cotton. Style/Period/Movement: Physical Description: Alternating row pattern to give overall look of squares and circles with rays ...
  • Circular Floral Block Pattern 

    Unknown (American) (1900)
    Classification: Building Furnishings, Bedding, Quilt. Materials and Techniques: Appliqued Cotton. Style/Period/Movement: Physical Description: This quilt is possibly a variation of the Rose of Sharon or Rose Wreath ...