A component of the Unger-Bassler German American Imprint Collection, this collection contains fine examples of printed and handcolored taufscheins (birth and baptismal certificates), vorshrifts (writing examples), haus segens (house blessings), bucherzeichen (book plates), and drawings created by Pennsylvania Germans.

The collection can be searched by Keyword above, or browsed by Titles, Authors, or Subjects. Care was taken to indicate genre or type of fraktur, artist, scrivener, printer, publisher, family, date, and location information. In addition, artistic motifs and designs present on each fraktur were noted.

The record for each fraktur also contains a unique alpha-numeric code derived from an earlier inventory. It is conjectured that these codes were assigned during the original processing of the Unger-Bassler materials in the 1950s. While no key to the inventory has been located, the codes have been included in the digital collection to maintain bibliographic consistency.

See the Unger-Bassler Frakturschriften Collection page for the collection inventory, a bibliography of printed resources, glossary of fraktur terminology, and links to other digital fraktur collections.

An Excel spreadsheet describing the collection's metadata schema and genre terminology (controlled vocabulary) can be found here. Enjoy the collection!

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