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  • Bridge Over New River 

    Herman (unknown), Leonora
    Painting of a river with a boat, bridge, and palm trees
  • Landscape with Boats 

    Volang (Vietnamese French 1921-2005), Jeab (2009-08-17)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Art, Painting Materials and Techniques: Oil on Canvas Style, Period, Movement: Physical Description: Exhibition History: Collection or Donor:
  • Loire et Antique 59 

    Porcher (French B. 1927), Jean (2009-08-17)
    Oil on canvas of water front scene.
  • (Pond and Trees) 

    Klein, H.M.J (2009-09-10)
    Watercolor on paper of landscape with pond.
  • Sand Dunes with Sailboats In Background Cove 

    Todd (unknown), H. C.
    Watercolor of waves crashing over a sand dune.
  • Silent Harbor 

    Summy (unknown), Ann Tunis
    Depiction of a harbor rendered minimally with clear painterliness.