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  • Bridge at Fort Lauderdale 

    Herman (unknown), Leonora
    Landscape shows a bench before a river, a bridge and trees in the mid-ground, all set off against a vibrant sunset.
  • Decor Over Silver Bed 

    Herman (unknown), Leonora
    Painting showing various jungle animals by a river framed in an arc
  • Down in the Valley 

    Clymer (American painter 1907-1989), John (1924)
    Landscape oil painting.
  • Landscape with Cows and Building 

    Peart (unknown)
    Landscape of cows wading in a river, set against a backdrop of lush land and stone buildings.
  • Landscape with Figure on Bridge 

    Peart (American 1870-1963), Caroline
    Landscape showing a figure crossing an arched bridge.
  • Moonlit Dusk 

    Herman (unknown), Leonora
    Scene at dusk with a campfire by a river and trees.
  • Porcupine Pool, Miramichi 

    Herman (unknown), Leonora
    Scene showing a river and rock outcrop covered in trees.
  • Preacher and Farmer with Shotgun 

    Landscape of a valley featuring a house, river, farmer, and preacher framed by trees and jagged mountains.
  • Tamaqua (top) 

    Two landscapes depict Tamaqua, PA and Port Clinton, PA.
  • View on the Conestoga (near Lancaster) 

    Jones (Unknown), E
    Aerial view of the Conestoga River near Lancaster, featuring a tall, spindly tree and an arched bridge.
  • Water Buck 

    Ripple (unknown), Paul H.
    Drawing showing Water Buck standing in a stream.