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  • Burial at St. Martin 

    des Raux (French 1902-1946), Louis Marchand
    The painting depicts four figures carrying the open casket of a deceased figure. This central group is flanked by two clergymen. Architectural, biological, and human motifs frame the painting on three sides: four mourners ...
  • Christ on the Cross 

    Jones (Unknown), William
    Painting of a crucified Jesus, with a skull and keys below the cross.
  • Madonna and Child 

    Bardy (unknown), L.
    Painting of Madonna holding baby Jesus.
  • Pesach 

    Gross (American 1904-1991), Chaim
    Lithograph of a family celebrating Pesach, the Jewish Passover. Hebrew symbols are integrated into the scene.
  • The Sermon 

    des Raux (French 1902-1946), Louis Marchand (1111)
    Painting depicts a priest giving a service to a group of brightly-dressed individuals before a bright, candle-lit altar.
  • Woman Praying 

    Bardy (unknown), L.
    Oval painting of a woman praying.