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  • Shakespeare: First Part of King Henry 6th, Act II, Scene IV 

    Boydell (painter), J.; Ogborne (English engraver 1755-1795), John
    Scene from Shakespearenulls Henry VI, Act II, Scene IV depicting a dialogue between Plantagenet and Somerset flanked by various other characters.
  • Shakespeare: King Richard the Third, Act III, Scene I 

    Northcote (British painter 1746-1831), James; Thew (English engraver 1758-1802), Robert
    Print showing Act III, Scene I of Shakespearenulls King Richard III showing the Prince, Richard of York, and assorted other characters.
  • Shakespeare: Measure For Measure, Act V, Scene I 

    Simon (unknown), I. P.; Kirk (English painter, ca. 1765-1797), Thomas
    Scene from Shakespearenulls Measure for Measure in which the Duke Vicentio disguises himself as a Friar in order to trick Angelo.
  • Shakespeare: Second Part of King Henry the Sixth, Act I, Scene IV 

    Playeter (Engraver), C. G.; Thew (English engraver, Robert 1758-1802); Opie (British painter 1761-1807), John
    A scene from the second part of Shakespearenulls King Henry VI, Act I, Scene IV featuring Spirit, Margaret Jourdain, Bolingbroke, Eleanor, and Hume.
  • Shakespeare: Third Part of King Henry the Sixth; Act IV, Scene X 

    Lency (unknown), I.B Michel; Lency (unknown), William
    Engraving depicts Act IV, Scene V of Shakespearenulls King Henry VI (Part 3) in which a huntsman and King Edward IV look for the hunt.
  • Shakespeare: Timon of Athens, Act IV, Scene III 

    Opie (British painter 1761-1807), John; Thew (English engraver, Robert 1758-1802)
    Print shows Timon, Alcibiades, Phrynia, and Timandra in Act IV, Scene III of Shakespearenulls Timon of Athens.
  • Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus: Act IV, Scene I 

    Kirk (English 1765-1797), Thomas
    Engraving depicts Act IV, Scene 1 of Shakespearenulls tragedy Titus Andronicus. Young Lucius flees from his aunt Lavina toward Marcus and Titus Andronicus.
  • Shakespeare: Troilus & Cressida, Act V, Scene II 

    Kauffmann (Swiss painter 1741-1807), Angelica; Schiavonetti (Italian printmaker 1765-1810), Luigi
    Engraving after Angelica Kauffmannnulls painting, which shows Troilus held back by Ulysses on the left, while Cressida and Diomedes talk as lovers inside Calchasnull tent.
  • Shakespeare: Winternulls Tale, Act III, Scene III 

    Wright (unknown), J.; Middiman (English engraver ca. 1750-1831), Samuel
    Scene from Shakespearenulls Winter Tale (Act III, Scene III) in which Clown relates the death of Antigonus, who is chased by a boar by the sea during a raging storm.