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  • Appliqué Sampler Album 

    Unknown (American) (1880)
    Classification: Buildings Furnishings, Bedding, Quilt. Materials and Techniques: Cotton Fabric, Hand Appliqué, Hand-Quilted. Style/Period/ or Movement: Album Quilts Physical Description: Various cotton fabrics, ...
  • Pennsylvania Applique Floral Quilt 

    Unknown (American) (1850)
    &MClassificaiton: Building Furnishings, bedding/quilt. Materials and Techniques: Cotton, appliquéd, quilted Physical Description:There are four center panel with trumpunto or stuffed red and purple grapes with dark green ...
  • Red Carolina Lily Quilt 

    Unknown (American) (1880)
    Classification: Buildings Furnishings, Beddings, Quilt Materials and techniques: Cotton Fabrid, machine pieced, machine appliquéd, hand quilted. Style/Period/Movement: 19th century Physical Description: This quilt ...