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  • Acrobats Playing 

    Gross (American 1904-1991), Chaim
    Brown figures perform acrobatic maneuvers.
  • Conqueror Riding Into Arab Temple 

    Engraving shows a conqueror, seated on a horse, illuminated in the entrance of a mosque-like space. Within, a crowd of Arabic men and women crowd together.
  • Generation Gap 

    Liljedren (unknown), Frank
    Oil painting of three small toy-like figures, one seated on a rock, another on a brick.
  • Prisons--Plate II 

    Piranesi (Italian, Giovanni Battista 1720-1778)
    Print showing multiple figures working among monumental buildings, rubble, and construction mechanisms.
  • The Tree of Life 

    Currier (American, 1818-1887, Charles
    Lithograph showing Christ crucified on the trunk of a green tree amid a town and townspeople, with the gates to hell open on the bottom left.
  • Visions Extraordinaires V 

    Pla-Narbona (Spanish b. 1928), Josep
    An etching of a group of figures--male, female, and animal--with overlapping contours.