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  • Abraham Lincoln 

    Print of Abraham Lincoln seated, holding a book.
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Duplessis (French 1725-1802), Jospeh Siffred
    Portrait of Benjamin Franklin, three quarters length, facing out.
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Kilényi (American 1886-1959), Gyula
    Profile of Benjamin Franklin in relief
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Reproduction print of a painting of Benjamin Franklin
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Love (American, Arlene active 20th century)
    Sculpture of Benjamin Franklin emerging from a rectangular block. Inscriptions are written on the sides of the box.
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Houdon (French 1741-1828), Jean-Antoine
    Plaster Cast of a statue by Jean-Antoine Houdon, housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Three-quarters length portrait of President Benjamin Franklin above a facsimile of his signature.
  • Benjamin Franklin 

    Illustration of Benjamin Franklin seated in a chair with the inscription "Benjamin Franklin LLd. Envoy from the American Congress to the French Court."
  • The Honorable James Buchanan 

    Buttre (American 1821-1893), John Chester
    Full length portrait of James Buchanan standing next to a table and chair.
  • Lincoln Profile 

    Giumeth (?) (unknown)
    Profile of Abraham Lincoln
  • Plazo Provision, San Juan 

    Herman (unknown), Leonora
    Scene showing the Plazo Provision in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as seen through an archway.
  • Washington and Rochambeau 

    Coudert (French, active 1822)
    Painting of Washington and Rouchambeau standing before troops and a green-stripped tent, giving orders for the attack of Yorktown.
  • Washington on White Horse by Night with Troops at River Edge 

    Painting shows George Washington on a white horse along with other men and horses in front of a river.