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  • (Figure of a Man) 

    Bloch (German-American 1888-1966), Julius (2009-09-15)
  • John D. Meyer 

    Portrait of a man with white hair and glasses.
  • John Light Atlee 

    Portrait in charcoal and pastel of a man with white hair dressed in a suit and bow tie.
  • Personnage Homme Avec un Gilet Rouge (Man with Red Vest) 

    Barnabè (Italian 1914-1961), Duilio
    Stylized portrait of a man facing forward dressed in a beige suit and a red vest.
  • Photographic Portrait of Keith Spalding 

    Gates (unknown), John
    Portrait in three-quarters view of a red-headed man with glasses.
  • The Poor Working Girl 

    Hitchcock (American, Lucius Woolcott 1868-1942) (2009-10-22)
    Classification: Communication Artifact Materials and Techniques:Drawing. Pencil and Charcoal on Paper Style, Period, Movement: Physical Description:Signed and dated.The illustration was reproduced in McClurenulls of ...
  • White-Haired, Bearded Man 

    Portrait of a man with white hair and a mustache.
  • William A. Schnader 

    Kublamav, Boris (2009-09-15)
    Oil painting of William Schnader, Alumnus and Board of Trustee,Ex Officio