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  • Charles W. Mayser 

    Burstein (unknown), Leo
    Three-quarters length portrait of Charles W. Mayser. In the background, a small statuette of a discus-thrower stands on a desk and a picture of wrestlers hangs above.
  • Grantnulls Gazelle 

    Ripple (unknown), Paul H.
    Drawing of a herd of Grantnulls Gazelle grazing in a steppe.
  • John B. Noss 

    Gates (unknown), John
    Portrait of John B. Noss (F&M Class of 1916) leaning against a chair.
  • John D. Meyer 

    Portrait of a man with white hair and glasses.
  • John Light Atlee 

    Portrait in charcoal and pastel of a man with white hair dressed in a suit and bow tie.
  • Michael A. Lewis 

    Gates (unknown), John
    Portrait in three-quarters view of Michael A. Lewis leaning over the back of a chair.
  • Water Buck 

    Ripple (unknown), Paul H.
    Drawing showing Water Buck standing in a stream.