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  • Shakespeare: Second Part of King Henry the Sixth, Act I, Scene IV 

    Playeter (Engraver), C. G.; Thew (English engraver, Robert 1758-1802); Opie (British painter 1761-1807), John
    A scene from the second part of Shakespearenulls King Henry VI, Act I, Scene IV featuring Spirit, Margaret Jourdain, Bolingbroke, Eleanor, and Hume.
  • Shakespeare: Timon of Athens, Act IV, Scene III 

    Opie (British painter 1761-1807), John; Thew (English engraver, Robert 1758-1802)
    Print shows Timon, Alcibiades, Phrynia, and Timandra in Act IV, Scene III of Shakespearenulls Timon of Athens.