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  • Oak Leaf Applique Quilt 

    Unknown (American) (1850)
    Classification: Building Furnishings, Bedding, Quilt. Materials and Techniques: Pieced Cotton. Style/Period/Movement: Physical Description: The pattern is Oak Leaf, also known as Oak Leaf and Reel or Lovernulls Knot. ...
  • Ocean Front Walk residences, Venice, California 

    Unknown author (1)
    Architecture: California, Venice. Ocean Front Walk residences, view to northeast, including Frank Gehry, Norton Residence, 1982-1984, center. 1999 photograph.
  • Odyssey 

    Scholder (American Painter b. 1937), Fritz (1977)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Art, Lithograph. Materials and Techniques: Lithograph on Paper. Style, Period, Movement: Physical Description: Signed on Face and numbered. Also contains embossing of ...
  • Old Academy 

    Engle & Hambright (1932)
  • Old and New San Juan, P. R. 

    Herman (unknown), Leonora
    Street scene of a road in San Juan, with a palm tree and parked cards.
  • Old Jail - Now Opera House 

    Schenck (Unknown), H. C.
    Architectural print of a building
  • Old Main 

    Jenkins (American Painter), Kes (1970)
    Painting by Kes Jenkins of Lancaster, PA depicting Old Main, Franklin and Marshall College." card on verso, "All things by almight power, Near and far, Hiddenly to each other, connected are, That thou cansnullt not stir a ...
  • Old Main 

    Engle & Hambright (1932)
  • Old Main and Goethean Hall 

    Unknown author (Circa 1898)
  • Old Main Building (College Building) 

    F&M College Archives (1856)
    Photograph showing the original three buildings on campus, College Building (1854), Diagnothian Hall (1856), and Goethean Hall (1856)
  • Old Man Seated-Full Figure 

    Peart (American 1870-1963), Caroline
    Portrait of an old man sitting on a chair, facing forward. Full-figure shown.
  • Old Science Building Laboratory 

    Unknown author (Circa 1902)
  • Old Science Building Laboratory 

    Unknown author (Circa 1902)
  • Omega 

    Pepper, Beverly (American sculptor and painter, born 1922) (1974)
    American, Sculpture (visual work), 20th century. Beverly Pepper. Omega. Steel (?). Photographed at Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, New York, 1987.
  • On Longing 

    Bock, Monica (1991)
    Sculpture (visual work), 20th century. Monica Bock, On Longing. Oak wood, lead frames, glass bottles, wax, hair, blood, semen.
  • On the Susquehanna (Near Owego) 

    Meyer (German 1826-1909), Herrmann Julius
    Landscape showing the Susquehanna River from above.
  • One Patch Quilt (Pink Block-Pieced) 

    Unknown (American) (1890)
    Classification: Materials and Techniques: Cotton, pieced Style/Period/Movement: Physical Description: One patch blocks alternating in pink and white calico fabric. Border is white with a stripe. Quilting along edge of ...
  • One Quarter Moon 

    Nesbitt (American Painter 1933-1993), Lowell (1969)
    Lithograph of one quarter view of the moon. 7/98 Artistnulls Biography: Lowell Nesbitt was born on 10/4/33 in Baltimore MD. He was educated at Tyler, Temple, The Royal College of Art (London) and the School of Visual ...
  • Orbit 

    Kirk, Jerome (American sculptor, born 1923) (1972)
    American, Sculpture (visual work), 20th century. Jerome Kirk. Orbit. Stainless steel. Permanent collection, Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, New York. Photographed 1987.