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  • Madonna and Child 

    Bardy (unknown), L.
    Painting of Madonna holding baby Jesus.
  • A Magical Messiah: Discussing Jesus as an Ancient Magician Through the Synoptic Gospels 

    Felder, Alexis L. (2007)
    In this paper, I do not intend to discuss the validity of Jesus’ healings, exorcisms and miracles or in anyway to falsify them, but rather I will explore these events in the context of ancient magical practices. I will ...
  • (Magnolians in Brass Pot) 

    Ochs, Millie (2009-10-06)
    Still life painting of flowers in a pot.
  • Maiden Spirit Helmet Mask 

    Unknown (African, Ibo) (2009-07-10)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Cerimonial Artifact, Mask Exhibition History:
  • Major General J. Watts de Peyster 

    Bronze bust of General J. Watts de Peyster.
  • Male Buffalo Mask 

    Unknown (African, Baule, Ivory Coast) (2009-07-10)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Cerimonial Artifact, Mask Exhibition History: he North Museum, "African Domestic and Ritual Arts," November 20-December 30, 1982. North Museum, "African Masks" January 24-April 6, 1998.
  • Mallard Duck 

    Audubon (French 1785-1851), John J. (2009-10-22)
    Classification: Communication Artifact Materials and Techniques:Art, Print. Lithograph Style, Period, Movement: Physical Description:Inscriptions: Upper Left: N-45 Upper Right PLATE CCXXI. Upper Middle: CENTENNIAL ...
  • Man at Stairway 

    Bajen (unknown), F.
    Painting shows a staircase gripped in the bottom left by a red hand.
  • Man with Umbrella 

    Unknown (2009-10-06)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Art, Silhouette Materials and techniques : Ink on paper
  • Man with Windblown Hair and Sideburns (Mr. North?) 

    Three-quarter length portrait of a man standing in front of a red cloth. "Sea Captain, Mr. North" is inscribed on the rear of the frame.
  • Manscape 

    Rosenblum, Richard (American sculptor, 1940-2000) (1984)
    American, Sculpture (visual work), 20th century. Richard Rosenblum. Manscape. Bronze. Included in the exhibition, “The Re-emergent Figure: Seven Sculptors at Storm King Art Center,” Mountainville, New York, 1987. Full view.
  • Many Voices, Many Facets: The Involvement of the Clergy in the Tupac Amaru Rebellion 

    Gray, Morgan (2016)
    The Tupac Amaru Rebellion (1780-1782) was perhaps the most far-reaching uprising to occur in Spain’s New World colonies. Arising from centuries of mistreatment aggravated by increasing regional hardships, the rebellion ...
  • Margaret Windolph 

    Dunham (unknown), Alice Clarke
    Portrait of Margaret Windolph sitting in a red chair, holding a book in three quarters length.
  • Marguerite Zorach: An Analysis of her Embroidered Tapestry, "The Family Supper" 

    Siegel, Lauren (2012)
    An important figure in the development of American modernism in the early 20th century, Marguerite Zorach (1887-1968) experimented with a wide range of media, producing oil paintings, prints, sculptures, embroideries, ...
  • Marinernulls Compass Variation (Sunburst) 

    Unknown (American) (1870)
    Classification: Building Furnishings, Bedding, Quilt. Materials and Techniques: Pieced cotton. Style/Period/Movement: Physical Description: The Marinernulls Compass quilt is one of the oldest quilt patterns based on the ...
  • Mark Antony Delivering His Oratation Over the Body of Caesar 

    Eichholtz (American painter, Jacob 1776-1842) after Benjamin West (2009-12-03)
    Oil painting.
  • Mark Twain 

    Marisol (French sculptor, born 1930) (1983)
    French, Sculpture (visual work), 20th century. Marisol. Mark Twain. Bronze. Portrait of Mark Twain with a cigar standing between two cats and an oversized bird. Collection, Wave Hill (city-owned nature center), ...
  • Marriage Certificate of Jacob Albert and Maria Walhorn, dated December 28, 1865 

    Unknown (1865)
    Printed marriage certificate for Jacob Albert and Maria Walhorn, dated December 28, 1865 in Tulpehocken, PA. Signed by C.H. Leinbach, Minister of the Gospel.
  • Marriage Certificate. [blank] 

    Eilers, A. H. (A.H. Eilers & Co. Publishers, St. Louis, Mo.Certificate No. 1a, 1)
    Printed marriage certificate [blank]. Item contains floral and architectural motifs and matrimonial vignette.
  • Marsh Kings Daughter and Friend 

    Grooms, Mimi Gross (American painter, born 1940) (1978)
    American, Sculpture (visual work), Site-specific works, 20th century. Mimi Gross Grooms. Marsh Kings Daughter and Friend. Gatorfoam, acrylic, fiberglass, and enamel. Battery Park City Landfill, New York City, for Art ...