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  • La Composition 

    Ubede (Spanish b. 1925), Augustin (2009-08-17)
  • La Division du people dans la littérature francophone vietnamienne 

    Hoang, Phuong (2008)
    This French thesis explores the division of the Vietnamese people in Francophone Vietnamese literature, from the twenty years preceding Vietnamese independence from French colonialism in 1954, using the following novels: ...
  • La femme en tant que territoire: pénétration et libération en Afrique du Nord au XIXème siècle 

    Thompson, Grace Regina (2012)
    This honors thesis explores various critical texts and primary sources dealing with French travel literature to the geographical region of North Africa, primarily written in the 19th Century. Primary sources are written ...
  • La Forme et Lnullimage 

    Grandjean (French 20th century), Raymond
    Abstract design consisting of linear strips of color with smaller, circular elements down the center of the canvas. The letters "M" and "H" float in the bottom strip of white.
  • La Veranda 

    Brion, Sarah (2009-08-17)
    Abstract oil painting.
  • Lake Hopatcong 

    Ochs (unknown), Nancy
    Scene showing three buildings in the woods.
  • Lancaster County Courthouse Building (Addition) 

    Unknown author (1852)
    Architecture: Pennsylvania, Lancaster. 50 North Duke Street. Exterior: views to side facades (1975 addition).
  • Lancaster Free Public Library Building 

    Huber, William E. (1955)
    Architecture: Pennsylvania, Lancaster. 125 North Duke Street. Exterior: views to front facade.
  • Lancaster Jewish Community Center Building 

    Unknown author (1974)
    Architecture: Pennsylvania, Lancaster. 2120 Oregon Pike. Exterior: view to front and rear facades.
  • Lancaster Sheet Metal Factory Building 

    Unknown author (1898)
    Architecture: Pennsylvania, Lancaster. Exterior: view to front facade.
  • Lancaster Theological Seminary 

    Unknown author (Circa 1898)
  • Land Sea and Air II 

    Gormley, Antony (British sculptor and installation artist, born 1950) (1982)
    British, Sculpture (visual work), Installations (visual works), 20th century. Antony Gormley. Land Sea and Air II. Lead and fiberglass figures. Photographed at the exhibition, “The Re-emergent Figure: Seven Sculptors ...
  • Land Shard 

    Taylor, Sandra (1989)
    Sculpture (visual work), 20th century. Sandra Taylor, Land Shard.
  • Landform 

    Christ-Janer, Albert(American, 1910-1973) (2009-12-01)
    Abstract painting of water landscape
  • A Landscape in Transition: The Evolution of the Massachusetts Section of the Connecticut River Valley in the Nineteenth Century 

    Briere, Molly (2009)
    The landscape of the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts, like all other landscapes, has changed over time. Change is inevitable, for even if an area remains completely untouched by human hands, nature manages to ...
  • Landscape with Boats 

    Volang (Vietnamese French 1921-2005), Jeab (2009-08-17)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Art, Painting Materials and Techniques: Oil on Canvas Style, Period, Movement: Physical Description: Exhibition History: Collection or Donor:
  • Landscape with Cows and Building 

    Peart (unknown)
    Landscape of cows wading in a river, set against a backdrop of lush land and stone buildings.
  • Landscape with Figure on Bridge 

    Peart (American 1870-1963), Caroline
    Landscape showing a figure crossing an arched bridge.
  • Landscape with Green 

    Gerardia (Russian-American 1903-1988), Helen (1972)
    Classification: Communication Artifact, Art, Print. Materials and Techniques: Colour Lithograph on Paper. Physical Description: Signed on Front " Landscape with Green, Artistnulls Proof, Helen Gerardia. "Helen Gerardia has ...
  • Large Crater 

    Nesbitt (American Painter 1933-1993, Lowell (1969)
    Classification: Art, Communication Artifact, Lithograph. Materials and Techniques: Lithograph on Paper. Style, Period, Movement: Physical Description: 20/98. Signed on face. Exhibition History: n/a. Collection or ...