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  • I Want You (Artfux, left) and The New World Order (English, right) 

    Artfux; English, Ron (culture jammer) (1991-01-26)
    Community art/Billboards: USA, New York, New York City. "I Want You..." and "The New World Order" guerrilla billboards up for one day, January 26, 1991, corner of Houston Street and Broadway.
  • Icons of Identity: Concert Dance as a Gallery for American Themes 

    Hawk, Emily (2016)
    A dance performance contains an overwhelming number of elements for the audience to behold: the choreography, accompaniment, costuming, sets, and performances, all contributing to a potential meaning to take from the work. ...
  • The Ideality of Jesus: In Defense of His Moral Unsurpassability 

    Sperry, Ashton Tylor (2005)
    I will argue that Christians should rightly and reasonably believe that Jesus exemplifies a moral ideality that is unsurpassable and unmatchable. This moral ideality allows for the development of human excellences; and ...
  • Imagined on Whose Terms? Bengali Nationalist Discourse as Contested Space 

    Dasgupta, Rajeshwari (2005)
    Western theoretical discourses since the Enlightenment Period predominantly characterized nationalism as a distinctively modern phenomenon. In the West. the dominant-though not the only-view of modernity equated progress ...
  • Immigration Policy in France: a tension between human rights and political ambition? 

    Kolesnikoff, Anne (2013)
    The evolution of French immigration law begins with the insertion of the link between nationality and citizenship in French law in 1889 (Kiwan, 99). Until the 1970s, policy remained largely unchanged. When the French ...
  • Impact 70 

    Rist (French 1922-1980), Alix
    Paper collage with cool-toned cut-outs against a turquoise background.
  • The Impact of Florivory on Asclepias syriaca (Common Milkweed) Floral-visitor Behavior and Pollination 

    Secor, Riley (2018)
    Animals that eat flowers (florivores) can have significant effects on plant reproduction. Asclepias syriaca’s (common milkweed) flowers are consumed by the Tetraopes tetrophthalmus, the red milkweed beetle, during the ...
  • The impact of leaf anatomy and drought on foliar water uptake and whole plant rehydration 

    Dix, Mackenzie (2014)
    Fog and low lying clouds can impact ecosystems through increases in water inputs, changes in microclimate and direct impacts on plant water cycling. The interception of cloud water by vegetation leads to an increase ...
  • The Impact of Technology and Terrorism on Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence 

    Wilson, Benjamin Richard (2006)
    Although Fourth Amendment protections have been tested by the development of technology and even more so by the threat of terrorism and the need for national security, its fundamental principles remain unchanged—the safeguard ...
  • The Impossibility of Escaping or Rationalizing the Past: Kurt Vonnegutnulls Schizophrenic Historical Fiction 

    Ritter, Sarah (2005)
    Vonnegut closely examines the social problem of war in Slaughterhouse-Five and Mother Night, attempting to understand the current state of human understanding regarding war, elucidate its faults, and provide reasonable ...
  • In God We Trust? Faith and Community among Cancer Patients. 

    McKeefery, Kaitlyn (2007)
    In the following study, I try to determine the role and function of secular social support, religious social support and personal faith and respectively, the role and function of the individual and the group in cancer ...
  • In Orbit 

    Gerardia (Russian-American 1903-1988), Helen (1972)
    Color Serigraph on Paper.
  • In Sickness and in Filth: Children's Emerging Biases Toward Unhealthy and Unclean Others 

    Greenebaum, Heather; Benitez, Josie; Dhanraj, Chandrakant; Grigoreva, Anastasiia (2017)
    Cleanliness and health are highly valued, and individuals lacking these qualities often elicit negative attitudes (Speltini & Passini, 2014). To measure 5-9 year-olds’ attitudinal biases towards unhealthy and unclean people, ...
  • In the Beginnning 

    Chapman, Mike (1999)
    Sculpture: United Kingdom, England, London. Crib figure installed at the base of Nelsonnulls Column, Trafalgar Square, and adjacent to the church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Detail view of infant. Material: Portland stone.
  • In the Beginnning 

    Chapman, Mike (1999)
    Sculpture: United Kingdom, England, London. Crib figure installed at the base of Nelsonnulls Column, Trafalgar Square, and adjacent to the church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Full view. Material: Portland stone.
  • In the Snow 

    Deryken (unknown), Van
    Scene of a red-brick building covered in snow.
  • Increasing Use and Knowledge of Lancaster County's Natural Reserves 

    Ramkissoon, Arun (2016)
    Spending time outdoors is beneficial to adults and children. However, in recent years, fewer people have been spending time outside. In our local Pennsylvania community, the Lancaster County Conservancy (LCC) offers ...
  • Indian At the Lake 

    Scholder (American Painter b. 1937), Fritz (1977)
    Lithograph of Native American riding a horse near a lake.
  • The Influence of Plato and Aristotle on Alfarabi 

    Hines, Derek E. (2008)
    Alfarabi was the first philosopher to attempt to unite political philosophy with Islam. Alfarabi is important because he was able to recover the classical political tradition of Aristotle and Plato and place it within the ...
  • Installation 

    Adams, Mac (British photographer and conceptual artist, born 1943) (1992)
    British. Sculpture (visual work). 20th century. Mac Adams. Installation, stone and white plastic disks. Photographed in 1992 at the John Gibson Gallery, New York, New York, United States. Full view.